Get User-group Users

DEPRECATED: These APIs have been deprecated. Please use Get Users by Group API for fetching information for a single group.

User group information defined for your organization in the Admin Console is available through the {orgId}/user-groups resource.


In syntax statements for endpoints, the following notation is used:

  • [UM_Server] is the UM API server:
  • Curly braces indicate a variable, to be replaced with specific values for your organization.
    • Replace {orgId} with your organization’s unique ID, which looks like this: “12345@AdobeOrg”.
    • Replace {groupId} with the unique ID or name assigned to user groups that are defined for you organization.
    • Replace the {page} element with the zero-based index for the first requested page of the paged result.

Request headers

You must include these headers in all requests:

  • Authorization : A current access token obtained from login request.
  • x-api-key : The API key for your organization, obtained from the Developer Portal.

List Users in a User Group

A GET request to the /users endpoint under a specific user group retrieves a paged list of users who belong to the group.

GET [UM_Server]/{orgId}/user-groups/{groupId}/users[?page={n}]
  • {orgId} : Required. The unique ID of your organization.
  • {groupId} : Required. The unique ID of the user group.
  • page={n} : Optional. A zero-based index into the start entry of the paged response. Default is 0


A successful request returns a response with HTTP status 200. The response body contains the requested user data in JSON format:

    "email": "",
    "firstName": "admin1",
    "lastName": "domain6",
    "countryCode": "US",
    "status": "active",
    "userType": "federatedID"
    "email": "",
    "firstName": "ankush",
    "lastName": "kumar",
    "countryCode": "IN",
    "status": "active",
    "userType": "adobeID"