Product Access APIs

DEPRECATED: These APIs have been deprecated. Please use Get User Groups and Product Profiles.

Product information defined for your organization in the Admin Console is available through the {orgId}/products/ resource. You can list products and examine information for individual products.

  • Get a paged list of products for your organization.
GET /v2/usermanagement/{orgId}/products/

Request headers

You must include these headers in all requests:

  • Authorization : A current access token obtained from login request.
  • x-api-key : The API key for your organization, obtained from the Developer Portal.

List Products

A GET request to the /{orgId}/products/ resource retrieves a paged list of Adobe products that your organization uses.

GET [UM_Server]/{orgId}/products[?page={n}]
  • {orgId} : Required. The unique ID of your organization.
  • page={n} : Optional, default is 0. A zero-based index for the start entry of a paged response.


A successful request returns a response with HTTP status 200. The response body contains the requested user data in JSON format:

   "id": "XXXX-ABC123456789ABCD",
   "code": "SUPPORT",
   "name": "Support",
   "userCount": 1,
   "configurationCount": 2,
   "licenseQuota": 10
   "id": "YYYY-DEF123456789ABCDE",
   "code": "APAP",
   "name": "Adobe Document Cloud for business",
   "userCount": 202,
   "configurationCount": 1,
   "licenseQuota": 20
   "id": "ZZZZ-GHI123456789ABCDE",
   "code": "CCSV",
   "name": "All Apps plan",
   "userCount": 226,
   "configurationCount": 1,
   "licenseQuota": 10

A failed request can result in a response with one of these HTTP status values, with an error message in the response body:

  • 400 Bad Request : Some parameters of the request were not understood by the server.
  • 401 Unauthorized : Invalid or expired token.
  • 403 Forbidden : x-api-key header is missing.
  • 404 Not Found : productId was not found.

Note that server errors can occur that require exponential back-off on retry.